Tokoroten Wooden Cutter 3.5"

SKU: TK-637-01
Size: 3.5"L x 1"W x 1.5"H (inside dimension)
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This traditional tool is designed for the preparation of Tokoroten noodles. This wooden cutter makes long strips of jelly noodles for a light, refreshing snack. Served cold, there is an immense amount of regional variety when it comes to tokoroten preparation. From shoyu based savory dishes to delicate wagashi desserts, the tokotoren noodle is a delicious traditional staple that has not lost its allure in busy modern life. For the adventuresome amateur chef, this Tokoroten cutter can be used with all kinds of firm jellies. What better way to pass an afternoon than making jelly noodles with your kids?

Country of Origin: Japan