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Noodle Making Machines

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Richmen Ramen noodle machine is the most versatile of all Yamato Noodle Machines. It is capable of producing all types of noodles of the highest quality. This machine is especially good at producing noodles that are low in water content, which makes noodle texture firm and hard. It can make a variety of fresh ramen noodles, such as Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen noodles or Tsukemen / Mazemen noodles as well as gyoza / dumpling / wonton skins. It can be a Ramen machine of choice for a Japanese / Asian noodle restaurant, cafeteria or a Small-Mid size noodle factory.

Shinuchi Udon noodle machine can manufacture noodles that are high in water content, which tends to make their texture soft and chewy. With proper noodle making methods and right ingredients this machine can make authentic Udon noodles of the best taste and texture (large in size but soft and elastic, such as Sanuki Udon). This all-in-one stand-alone Udon-making machine would be the best choice for your Udon restaurant. 

BandoTaro is used to produce authentic Japanese buckwheat Soba noodles. Its mixer, presser, roller, and cutter components are specifically designed for that purpose allowing anyone with only little learning and practice to start producing master-level buckwheat noodles, including 100 percent buckwheat noodles.

A Noodle Master for Your Business

Are you looking to make and serve authentic Japanese or other types of noodles (Egg noodles / Pasta / Wok / Lo Mein / Gluten-Free noodles, etc.) for your restaurant or noodle factory?
Do you want to serve the very best fresh noodles in your market for your customers?

We can make you a noodle master in no time.

Noodle machines from Yamato allow anyone to make artisan-level fresh noodles with consistency in quality and control of production costs. It makes anyone a noodle master with ease of use, simple operation / adjustment, and Yamato noodle making methods. With over 40 years of experience in supporting noodle restaurants, professionals and businesses around the world, we are here to help you succeed with your own craft homemade noodles. 

What Craft Noodles Do You Want To Make?

Different types of noodles have different characteristics. We design and assemble our machines to produce noodles with particular properties (texture, size, shape, color, etc.).

– Ramen noodles, which tend to be hard and thin.

– Udon noodles that are usually thick, soft, and chewy.

– Soba noodles, made from buckwheat flour, which are typically thin and subtly fragrant. 

Although purpose-built, each type of our machine is capable of producing a variety of different noodles. For example, our ramen noodle machines can make not only various types of ramen noodles (from thin and dry noodles for Hakata-style broths to thick ones with high water content for Tsukemen-style dishes) but also udon and soba noodles (with certain limitations in terms of water-to-flour ratio). To make your craft noodles with perfect quality and consistency, please check specifications for each model or consult us for recipes and production procedures

Production of Craft noodles is no longer a job for an expert

With Yamato noodle machines, craft noodles is something you can create from scratch without having to spend years learning how to do it. Like everything else you make at your restaurant – soups, toppings, side dishes, etc. you can now self-produce your own fresh noodles – superb in quality, unique, and utterly delicious . Because you make noodles yourself, you can control their ingredients, their quality, and be sure you offer your customers the value they will be ready to reward you for.

Your restaurant and business stand out with your craft noodles.

With some training, Yamato noodle recipes and noodle making techniques, anyone can start producing great noodles as well as a noodle making expert.

A Better restaurant with Better noodles

Customers have many choices both to satisfy their hunger with and to spend their time at. Give them another reason to come to your place – and then keep coming again and again – with authentic noodles of outstanding quality!

Soups, sauces, seasonings, side dishes and plating techniques are important, but so are the noodles – and for noodle specialty shops this is true even more.

Make your own noodles with commercial grade noodle making equipment – powerful, durable, reliable and compact enough to fit into a restaurant kitchen.

Aside from being a noodle machine manufacturer, Yamato has been researching and producing noodles for almost 40 years accumulating a vast amount of experience and knowledge to understand what makes good noodles and how they are made.

“RICHMEN”, “SHINUCHI”, “BANDOTARO” — noodle makers from noodle makers!

Our Machines are making superb noodles around the world

Since Yamato first began supplying its customers abroad with professional noodle making equipment – designed by the best Japanese engineers, assembled in Japan from Japanese parts, and subjected to the most rigorous quality controls – more than 500 units have been installed in over 60 countries:

… from The Golden Coast to Lake Baikal, from The Cape of Good Hope to Botany Bay, from cold fjords to tropical beaches — Yamato noodle machines offer customers across the world the joy and satisfaction of good quality noodles.

Yamato global outreach
365 days a year, Technical Support / Service Dept.

Because a broken machine means lost sales and profits to our customers, we operate our Technical Support Dept. 365 days a year, and respond to our customers in the shortest time possible (in English, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Malay, Bahasa and Vietnamese).

When we receive a call from a customer with a machine trouble, we diagnose and fix the issue. By remote means of communication, such as Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat, phone, email, etc., we try to establish a cause and find a solution as quickly as possible.

As we thoroughly check and double check production quality of our machines before shipping, we can vouch for their reliability. In most cases, any troubles with our machines can be fixed remotely by simple re-adjusting. And, if the problem requires some technician to be there, we will dispatch. Feel free to contact us for further questions.

All year round multilingual technical support

We manufacture and deliver Yamato noodle machines one by one

We manufacture our machines to order, fine-tuning them to customers’ specifications (noodle specs, sizes, noodle ingredients, etc.).

We ship globally. 

Shipping method and delivery address are up to a customer’s request (door-to-door delivery also available depending on a country).

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation, and shipping estimation / lead time to your location.

We make sure all our customers make and serve superb noodles

Yamato prides itself on strong commitment to quality of our own products (machines) and the products of our customers (noodles).

Delivery of a noodle machine is only half job done for us – if our customers are not making and serving noodles much better than mass produced factory noodles, we are not done yet.

After delivery, we help to set up the machine and train personnel how to use and maintain it in a proper way (users are provided with free text / video materials on how to set up and properly use the equipment as well as remote training / advice). We also provide what’s necessary to make sure noodles our customers make and serve are of the highest quality and taste:

it may be noodle recipes for the type(s) of noodles they want to make, or they may need some training / practicing. Supplier information on ingredients for their noodles. Whatever it is — we have expertise to help our customers.


Anything You May Need to achieve success in Noodle business!

We help our customers in many ways to help them become and remain top noodle masters able to produce and serve the best noodles in their markets. The following are a few examples of what we offer our customers:

Advice and counseling

Advice and counseling on choosing and finding proper ingredients and suppliers. Testing and analyzing ingredients (especially, flour) to determine if what is available locally can be used for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce.

floor plan

Efficient floor plan for your noodle restaurant – give us measurements of your location and menu items to help us draw a plan.


We provide recipe(s) for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce from our database or help develop original recipes precisely tailored to your needs, using ingredients locally available.


Anything else it takes, and anything in our power to make our customers Top noodle masters!

Feel free to contact us now for any additional information, or request a quotation.