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Vincent Kazuhito Lau, Knife Sharpener

Vincent gained an understanding of the hospitality industry early on. Growing up in a restaurant family instilled him with a love of all areas in the industry, from food culture to management.

In 2009, when given the opportunity to apprentice to our late resident sharpening master Mr Chiharu Sugai, he rose to the occasion. Excited at the prospect of learning a trade with such a long history, Vincent applied himself with great dedication. From the initial sharpening to complicated repairs, each style of knife and type of steel requires different techniques, which makes mastering the art of sharpening a formidable task. In 2012, Korin sent Vincent to Japan to continue his training by visiting the renowned knife crafting cities Sakai (known for forging traditional Japanese knives) and Seki (known for Western knives). There he was able to learn firsthand about the forging process and refine his sharpening knowledge under the guidance of master craftsman Keijiro Doi and grand master sharpener Shouzou Mizuyama.

During this period he also was able to visit Japan’s premier knife companies including Misono, Masamoto and Suisin, and gained a deeper understanding of the crafting process by speaking to and watching master craftsman and forgers engaged in their craft. Vincent continues to travel to Japan periodically to deepen his understanding of the crafting process. Having honed his skills over the years, Vincent is now able to skillfully sharpen and repair over seventy Western and traditional Japanese style knives each day.

Korin provides a wide variety of knife services including sharpening, left-hand conversions, repair, reshaping, and handle replacement as well as a number of complimentary services. As the main sharpener, Vincent offers small hands on knife sharpening classes in-store as well as demonstrations at restaurants and culinary schools all over the world. Vincent is passionate about sharing his knowledge with aspiring chefs, and hopes that these demonstrations will help students and young cooks excel in their chosen field. Using a sharp knife is essential to get the cleanest cuts possible and preserve the flavors and textures of food, and through these demonstrations Vincent strives to provide students and chefs with the knowledge and skills to get the best possible performance from their knives. Proper sharpening technique results not only in a sharper knife, but also mean less time spent sharpening and less time on preparation. By imparting this essential skill, chefs will be able to achieve the precision and accuracy necessary to get to the next step of their career. With experience giving demonstrations at high end restaurants such as Morimoto, Nobu, Bellagio, and Caesar's Palace. Vincent’s enthusiasm and knowledge make him a great resource for chefs at any stage in their career.

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