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Left-Handed Knife Conversions

Here at Korin, we can convert any Western style knife to a left-handed blade, regardless of whether it was purchased from our store. Left handed boning knives must be special ordered, may take up to two months to be shipped and will incur a fee of 25% of the base price.

Please be aware that in order to utilize any knife to its fullest potential, we advise customers to not change the blade’s bevel. 50/50 beveled knives were engineered to be symmetrical, the same way 70/30 knives are engineered to be asymmetrical. The piece of carbon that gives knives a blade is centered to the bevel and changing it may result in the blade becoming brittle.

Left-handed traditional Japanese knives must be special ordered. Special ordered Japanese knives will take up to two months and cost 50% more than the right-handed traditional Japanese knife. This is due to the fact that older generation Japanese people, regardless of being left handed, were trained to be right handed. Therefore, there is a higher risk of mistakes and wasted materials. Please inquire for further information.

How to add left-handed knife option to your knives:

  1. For the applicable knives that can be converted to left-handed, we provide an add-on option to convert the knife to left-handed.
  2. The left-hand conversion fee will be added to your order.

* Please note Left handed, engraved and/or sharpened knives cannot be returned or exchanged.

Left hand conversions for Western style knives are $20 per knife. We guarantee that all knives will be ready for pick up within 7 days, shipping time is not included. We will contact you via phone or email when they are ready to be returned.