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Korin Knife Sharpening Service

Korin is the first company in the world that was given authorization and certification to re-sharpen and repair knives from Masamoto Shohonten, Misono, Knife Systems (Suisin) and Nenohi. Each knife sharpening from Korin will receive a complimentary saya cover for the knife.

There are two ways to get your knives sharpen by Korin:

    1) Drop off your knives at our Korin showroom at 57 warren street, New York, NY 10007.
    2) Mail in your knives with the printed knife service form to:
    Korin Knife Service
    57 Warren Street
    New York, NY 10007

    Download the sharpening form linked in the red "Knife Sharpening Form" button above. Print, fill out the form and mail it with your knives.
    Please note that we are unable to sharpen/repair left handed traditional (single sided) knives not purchased from Korin. Left handed traditional knives purchased from Korin will be sent to Japan for repair.

Knife Sharpening Pricing

Korin Knife Service

Rust Removal

Korin are able to clean rusted blades or clean discoloration knives. However, there will be some isolated cases where cleaning is not possible. Watch the following video where Vincent explains some examples of such cases:

How to send your knives in for sharpening/repairing (mail-in knives)

Wrap your knives up very carefully using several sheets of newspaper. Please DO NOT include blade covers, boxes, or sayas. Please pack your knives in a shipping box with extra cushioning (bubble wrap and/or newspaper) and please DO NOT mail in in an padded envelope to avoid accidents during shipping transit.