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6 Best Knife Picks by Vincent

Ask any chef about their top important arsenal in the kitchen, they will answer, the handy knife. Good Japanese knives and its versatile blade can do countless tasks from chopping vegetables, carving meat, paring fish and a lot more. However, take note that not all knives are created equal. Choosing the wrong knife can slow down your kitchen tasks. On the other hand, having a state of the art knife from a respected manufacturer can transform your kitchen into a work of art facility.

Vincent Lau is our knife sharpening expert and has been in the hospitality industry for years. He focused himself in the trade of knife sharpening. He honed his skills from basic sharpening to doing hard repairs for each style of knives and material they are created on. There is no better person to ask regarding the best knives for the kitchen whether it's in the most demanding restaurant to a plain household.

Here are the most outstanding knives for different purchases that can change your cooking routine according to a knife sharpener expert.

6 Best Knife Picks by Vincent
1, Best Chef Knife
2, Best Knife For A Barbecue
3, Best Knife For A Gift
4, Best Knife For Home Users
5, Best Unique Knife
6, Best Knife For Vegetarians

1, Best Chef Knife - Togiharu Pro Gyutou

Togiharu Pro Gyutou Chef Knife is one of his recommended knives. It is a very versatile knife that can be used in meat, fish, and vegetables. Togiharu Pro Gyutou is from 440 steel which is relative hard steel that can hold the edge. It is not something that dulls too quickly. The knife is also created 70/30 blade allowing a nice fine edge. The knife comes with a wooden sheath to protect the blade.

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2, Best Knife For A Barbecue - Togiharu V10 Damascus Sujihiki

For those who like to prepare Barbecue during summer or throw a party, Togiharu V10 Damascus Sujihiki will come handy in the preparation stage. This slicer is great for hosting parties. It can cut a big chunk of meat - steak, turkey, chicken. The knife is ideal for carving. Longer knives are great for protein because the length can produce clean slices. It will retain the juices of the protein. The feature of Damascus knife is 33 layers beautiful pattern. One can hold a lot of parties without worrying about the knife getting dull. The knife also has a 9.4 version.

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3, Best Knife for a Gift - Korin Tsuchime Hammered Damascus Santoku

Thinking of a perfect gift? Vincent Lau recommends Korin Tsuchime Hammered Damascus Santoku. This knife is a true beauty with 15 layers of Damascus steel and it has hammer texturing that gives nice aesthetics. The red handle adds to its overall appearance. The knife is very versatile with its symmetrical edge which is perfect for everyone.

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4, Best Knife for Home Users - Suisin Inox Petty

Suisin Inox Petty is an ideal knife for home use. The petite knife has a small form resembling a chef’s knife. It is very versatile. This is best for cutting small fruits and prepping dinner. It is made 8a steel which is soft material. Home use doesn’t require hard steel. It doesn’t require constant sharpening.

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5, Best Unique Knife - Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa-Kiritsuke

Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa-Kiritsuke is a great addition for those who are collecting knife because of its unique look. It has a Japanese handle and beautiful form factor. It functions like any western chef knife. The tip of this knife is inspired by traditional key beats and the octagonal handle is ideal for those with large hands. This is different from other chef’s knife because it is much thinner. It also features double bevel and wooden sheet for a Japanese look.

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6, Best Knife for Vegetarians - Togiharu Hammered Damascus Nakiri

For those who love vegetables, this Japanese style Nakiri is an ideal vegetable chopping knife. All of these are sharpened asymmetrically for easy up and down movement. It features Toki Damascus blade made from VG Ten steel core. This knife doesn’t have a tip.

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There is no doubt that a knife is an essential kitchen tool. With the top knives mentioned above, it is not intimidating even a housewife to choose a Korin knife suited for her needs. BUY Japanese Knives