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Top knife picks by our Knife Sharpener

Best for chefs - Togiharu Pro Gyutou

Great balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening. It's very well suited for a busy chef. This chef's knife accompanies with a wooden saya case.

Best for home - Togiharu Inox Petty

A small versatile knife that is great for cutting fruit to prepping dinner.

Best for Gifts - Korin Tsuchime Hammered Damascus Santoku

A beautiful layered steel knife that is well balanced for chefs and home users.

Best for the person that has every knife - Nenohi Nenox Wa-Kiritsuke

A unique Japanese style chef knife that is great for chefs.

Best for Vegans/Vegetarian - Masamoto Wa-Nakiri

A knife specially designed for chopping vegetables.