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Knife Sharpener’s Knife Picks

7 Best Knife Picks by Vincent

Ask any chef about their top important arsenal in the kitchen, they will answer, the handy knife. Good Japanese knives and its versatile blade can do countless tasks from chopping vegetables, carving meat, paring fish and a lot more. However, take note that not all knives are created equal. Choosing the wrong knife can slow down your kitchen tasks. On the other hand, having a state of the art knife from a respected manufacturer can transform your kitchen into a work of art facility.

Vincent Lau is our knife sharpening expert and has been in the hospitality industry for years. He focused himself in the trade of knife sharpening. He honed his skills from basic sharpening to doing hard repairs for each style of knives and material they are created on. There is no better person to ask regarding the best knives for the kitchen whether it’s in the most demanding restaurant to a plain household.


Best Overall Chef Knife - Korin Mahogany Royal Blue

  • Korin's Mahogany Royal Blue 8.2 Chef Knife one of the most versatile sized knives to tackle any task.
  • Constructed with an 8A steel base, making it easy to sharpen and a top pick for professional chefs and home enthusiasts.
  • Its curved bolster make it comfortable for any grip and the Mahogany Royal Blue handle stands out in any kitchen.


Best Gift - Korin Tsuchime Hammered Damascus Petty

  • The symmetrical edge of Korin's textured damascus blade is great for both right and left handed users.
  • Petty knives, also known as utility knives are popular gifts given their versatility whether quick fruit slicing or pregging veggies and proteins.
  • Size allows for delicate prep work that a chef knife might be too large for.


Best Vegetarian - Masamoto Sohonten Wa-Nakiri

  • Nakiri knives are vegetable choppers with a straight profile for maximum contact with your cutting board.
  • Made from stain resistant powder steel, this knife is slim for the ability to get really thin slices of vegetables.


Best Barbecue/Meat Slicer - Korin Nickel Damascus Sujihiki

  • Great for portioning and slicing meat, this one in particular is a shorter sized slicer for easy control when maneuvering around bones.
  • The V10 nickel stain resistant damascus steel known for long lasting and resilient edge retention.


Best Butchering Knife - Suisin Inox Wa-Deba

  • Ideal for butchering fish and structurally is the closest to a traditional Deba.
  • Features both kireha (blade road) and urasuki (concave back) for nonstick release when cutting through fish.
  • Its thick blade gives the added strength to help slice through tough parts of fish.


Best Precision/Detail Work - Suisin Premium Inox Forest Green Handle Petty

  • Made from Suisin's Premium Inox stain resistant steel.
  • Lightweight and sleek design also holds a 80/20 bevel.
  • Thinner edge than most to aid in fine and very precise cuts.


Best Home Sushi Knife - Korin Ginsan-ko Yanagi

  • Ideal for home users who want to experience a quality cut of a traditional Japanese knife without the maintenace that comes with carbon steel.
  • Easy to clean blade is also ideal for those living in areas with high humidy, as the blade does not rust easily.

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