Masamoto Sohonten Korin White #1 Hongasumi Mirror Finish Yanagi 11.8"

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Forging the Bond We are honored and excited to announce Masamoto's first ever knife collaboration with Korin. These knives are expertly forged and crafted by the very best blacksmiths and edge crafters in Japan and are 100% hand-made.

The Blade: Forged from Shiro-ichi, one of the most difficult types of steel to work with, this steel is very close to a tamahagane, which is used for traditional samurai sword forging. The resulting blade has superior edge retention and a fluid cutting feel. The Japanese characters, written on the saya cover (Rensikouhamikakusho), allude to the knife having not only superior edge retention, but also creating beautiful cuisine and enhancing the flavor of the food on the plate. To ensure perfection, each blade is hand inspected.

The Handle: The magnolia, octagonal handle is fitted with water buffalo horn on the bolster and butt cap to ensure a comfortable feel in the hand. The two dark wooden bands are crafted from Bubinga wood, an African hardwood. Bubinga is regarded as a wood imbued with spirituality and is used in Japan to make wadaiko drums and other instruments used in Shinto ceremonies and festivals.

Kizuna: The red kanji stamp on the blade of the knife, kizuna, is the Japanese word for 'bond' or 'connection'. The goal of the craftsmen who make these knives is to truly forge a bond between themselves and the chefs who use these knives. We hope that you feel this kizuna when you use these truly special knives from Masamoto.

Available exclusively from Korin.

Left-handed knives are not available for this line.

Country of Origin: Japan

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