Kitayama Fine Grain Sharpening Stone - #8000

SKU: HA-1057
Size: 8" x 3" x 1"


Wet the Kitayama stone with water and use.


  • Please do not soak finishing stones (#3000 and above). Soaking a finishing stone will result in the stone cracking and breaking.
  • Returning a stone into a box while still wet or damp will result in molding and decreasing quality.
  • For double sided stone, please only soak the medium stone side (#1000). Failure to do so will result in the stone splitting and or breaking.
  • Wash the knife blade after using the stone to prevent reaction with the magnesium in the Kitayama stone.

About the Brand
The Kitayama stone's name originates from the North Mountain (Kitayama) in Kyoto, where some of the best natural stones are found. Although the Kitayama stone is not 100% natural stone, it contains natural stone powder to give customers the benefits without the risks. The Kitayama stone contains Magnesium salts that makes it the softest in the market. It also conveniently includes a nagura stone for maintenance of the soft stone surface.
Korin's Kitayama stone comes with a nagura stone, and attached to a base. The nagura stone is used on the surface of the whetstone before sharpening to create a slurry of mud that can aid in sharpening the blade. It is highly recommended to use on fine stones for better results on sharpening.
Benefit of a 8000 Grit Stone:
The #8,000 grit stone is the best finishing stone for the sharpest and most polished blade. We recommend this stone for those working with mostly produce and non-fatty ingredients.

- As seen on Knifeguy's YouTube, September 2013

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Country of Origin: Japan