Tsubaki Oil (Japanese Camellia Oil)

SKU: HA-1008
Size: 3.4oz,100ml
Note: Japanese Camellia Oil
  • Professional Carbon Steel Maintenance Oil] It is a high-grade Japanese sword & Japanese knife maintenance oil that prevents rusting of carbon steel. It is ideal not only for kitchen knives, but also for carpentry tools such as planes and chisels, gardening scissors, bonsai tools, and woodworking knives, etc. Since it does not dry easily and can be used as lubricating oil, it can be widely used in sewing machines and other general precision machines.
  • It is manufactured by extracting high-quality Japanese camellia oil with 100% purity. It is tasteless, odorless, and non-drying, so it is ideal for maintenance after use. Because of the high degree of purity, it does not affect ceramics, plastics, rubber material, etc., so it can be used with confidence for various types of tools.
  • [3.4 oz] 3.4oz (100ml) Pure Tsubaki knife Oil (Camellia Oil). 
  • Produced in Amami Oshima Island.
  • Made in Japan

Tsubaki oil(camellia flower oil) is a natural oil used to prevent rust on carbon steel knives, like traditional Japanese blades. Apply tsubaki oil when you’re storing your knives for an extended period(like for a vacation). If you live in a very humid environment, apply the oil on your blades more frequently to combat rust. Use a few drops of oil on your blade and apply evenly, making sure not to miss any spots. Wipe off residue with a soft towel.

Country of Origin: Japan