Mizuyama Sharpening Stone - #4000 Grit

SKU: HA-1095
Size: 8.1" x 3" x 1"H


Wet Mizuyama fine stones with water before use.


  • Please do not soak finishing stones (#3000 and above). Soaking a finishing stone will result in the stone cracking and breaking.
  • Returning a stone into a box while still wet or damp will result in molding and decreasing quality.
  • For double sided stone, please only soak the medium stone side (#1000). Failure to do so will result in the stone splitting and or breaking.

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About the Brand
The Mizuyama stone is Korin's original line of sharpening stones that gained popularity over the years for its quality. The stone was developed by a natural sharpening stone specialist, Mr. Sugai and his grand master, Mr. Mizuyama, over 5 years ago. The Mizuyama stones are high quality tools that are made for and used by professional sharpeners. These stones absorb water to create a nice slurry of mud that makes the sharpening process easier and faster. Mr. Sugai and his apprentice uses these stones everyday to sharpen and repair knives as well as teach customers proper sharpening methods.
Benefits of a #4000 Grit Stone

The #4000 grit stone works in the same way as the #3000 grit stone.
It can be used as a buffer stone as well as a finishing stone when
working with fatty ingredients. The #4000 grit stone will produce
a finer edge, but ultimately choosing between a #3000 grit and a
#4000 grit is a matter of personal preference.

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Country of Origin: Japan