Kai Wide Stainless Peeler with Changeable Blades

SKU: TK-137
Size: 8.5"L
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This Wide Stainless Peeler from Kai, the knife brand you trust, is guaranteed to simplify and expedite the time you spend peeling. With three sharp blades for different tasks, you can select the perfect tool for the task at hand, quickly achieving the results you want so you can move on to what’s next. The durable stainless steel construction and included blade covers ensure that this tool will be a kitchen favorite for years to come.

The blade is made of sharp stainless steel, and the handle is made of sanitary 18-8 stainless steel. Comes with a protective cap for safe storage. It is a replaceable blade type that can be replaced with one tough, and it is a wide type oblique blade with a long blade length. For slicing and peeling, with a serration blade that allows you to slice cabbage thinly and softly with little force, and is ideal for peeling thin skins such as tomatoes and fruits. A set of 3 types for easy julienne and fine julienne.

Material Blade: Stainless steel cutlery
Body: 18-8 stainless steel
Cap: Polyethylene (Heat resistant temperature 80 degrees)