Masamoto Sohonten Blue #2 Layered Steel Hongasumi Ebony Handle Yanagi

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About Masamoto Ao-Ko Hongasumi 正本 本霞玉青鋼誂

The Masamoto Ao-ko Hongasumi blades are crafted from a combination of blue carbon steel #2 and soft iron steel. Blue steel #2 is created by mixing chromium and tungsten with white carbon steel in order to produce a blade with longer edge retention than white carbon steel blades. The forging process includes several extra steps and requires a higher level of craftsmanship than kasumi style knives, which gives hongasumi knives a more refined finish.

About Masamoto
Minosuke Matsuzawa, the founder of the Masamoto Sohonten Company started making knives in 1866. It was his dream that his family would come to be remembered as knife craftsmen throughout the generations. Now, five generations later, Matsuzawa’s vision has been realized and professionally crafted Masamoto knives have become widely regarded as the finest knives made for professional use.

Purpose of Yanagi
The yanagi is used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi and toppings for sushi. The graceful, long and thin blade is designed to cut slices in one drawing stroke, which applies minimal pressure on the flesh of the fish to avoid stress and cell destruction. Different cutting techniques are used with the yanagi to enhance the aesthetics and the flavors of the fish. There are several variations of fish slicers that are all used in different situations and regions, however the yanagi style is the most widely used. Originated in Kansai (Osaka) region.

Country of Origin: Japan

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