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Custom Knives Order

Nenohi Custom Knife

Design your own custom knives made by Nenohi’s best knife craftsmen through Korin’s Custom Knife Service. Choose everything from the steel, style of knife, blade length, knife cover, handle material and case. Contact our custom knife service team at knives@korin.com to place an order and eta.

Ordering Process

Please allow 8-12 months lead time for production. All custom knife orders are final sale and 100% payment is required upon ordering. Korin industry discount is applicable to custom knife orders.

Nenohi Style of Knives


Gyuto (Chef Knife)


Sujihiki (Slicer)

Kengata Slicer


Yo Deba





Kiritsuke Yanagi

Sakimaru Takobiki

Wide Kiritsuke



Kengata Usuba

Nenohi’s Selection of Blade Material

Western Blade Material

S1 Streel - Stain Resistant

Sakaki - Forged Stainless Solid Steel

Ren Coreless Damascus

Tanzo SMS

Hiragi (Zero-Ferrous) - Limited Availability

Traditional Blade Material

Shiro Premiere Kasumi - White Carbon Steel

Blue Premiere Kasumi - Blue Carbon Steel

Shiro Honyaki

Shiro Mizu Honyaki

Ao Honyaki

Kaede Honyaki

Western Handle Material

Corian - Email knives@korin.com for the most up to date designs. White/Black Corian
Colored Buffalo Bone (Jigged and Smooth) Carbon Fiber, Desert Ironwood, Stabilized Wood, Snake Wood

Traditional Handle Material Selection

Magnolia, Ebony Handle (Detachable and Silver Ring additions available)
White or Black Corian w. Resin Bolsters, Desert Ironwood, Stabilized Wood