Korin Kaguya Wa-Gyuto 8.2"

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The Korin Kaguya (赫映) is made in the kurouchi forging style, where the blacksmith leaves a portion of the blade unpolished after the tempering process (yaki-ire). The kanji characters in Kaguya mean projection of flames, and alludes to the image of the blacksmith crafting this blade. In recent years, this austere blade exterior has become wildly popular for their unpretentiously chic aesthetic. Additionally, carbon steel blade enthusiasts in particular tend to appreciate how any discoloration is less noticeable. The 50/50 symmetrical blade is constructed out of white #2 carbon steel, then adorned with a traditional Japanese magnolia handle with a unique buffalo horn bolster.

About Kenji Togashi, the Korin Kaguya blacksmith
Kenji Togashi began training to become one of Sakai city’s authorized traditional Japanese blacksmiths at the young age of 20 years old. He is revered as the expert forger for white steel knives, and has received accolades from Japan’s Order of the Sacred Treasure.

Master Togashi strove to construct a professional grade kurouchi style knife unlike any other. The Kaguya series is hand forged, applying the same low temperature forging technique used for high quality traditional Japanese knives. This method helps avoid the inherent warping issue with any handcrafted knives, and creates a long edge retention comparable to blue carbon steel while using the easier to sharpen material. The striation all over the body of the blade is proof of the low temperature forging and a top quality blade. One can also find these striations on traditional Japanese knives. Other than the Kaguya series, Master Togashi is in charge of many of the products that Korin carries such as Korin’s hongasumi style knives and Suisin’s Densho line.

Country of Origin: Japan

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