Iron Tempura Pot 15.4" (39cm)

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Size: 15.4"Dia. (39cm) x 4"H
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Cast Iron Tempura Pot

Use and care instructions

This pot has been coated to prevent rusting before use. When using this pot for the first time, please burn off the anti-rust coating.

Before first time use:

Place the pot over a gas stove at high heat, and heat the empty pot.

The paint may have a slight odor when cooking off. It is not hazardous to human health, but please be sure to do this in a well ventilated space.

When the pot has cooled, use steel wool or an abrasive brush to scrub off the burnt areas of the pot.

Wash with soap and water

After washing, thoroughly dry the pot, then coat with a non-animal fat oil (ie. vegetable oil, canola oil, etc)

Please do not fill this tempura pot completely to the brim with oil when in use

Please do not use for anything other than for cooking

✘ Dishwasher Safe
✘ Microwave Safe
✔ Oven Safe
✔ Stove Top Safe
✘ IH Stove Safe
The ingenious design of this pot is perfectly customized for the flawless preparation of tempura. With a large surface area and just the perfect depth for frying, heat distributes quickly and evenly. Available in five sizes to suit the needs of any restaurant, the iron pot is an essential and economical tool for crispy tempura every time.

Iron material - non-enameled iron

Country of Origin: Japan