Practical Japanese Cooking: Easy And Elegant

SKU: BK-037
Size: 151 Pages
Note: by Shizuo Tsuji


Sushi, yakitori, tempura, tofu, miso-the Japanese food explosion is here and many new and inviting dishes from Japan are finding their way into the Western heart and home.

For far too long Japanese food has been treated in the West as something precious and over-refined-pure elegant restaurant fare-when in fact it is prepared daily in millions of Japanese households without fuss of any kind. Here is the book that takes all that is good about Japanese food and brings it into the home.

All recipes are authentic, practical, and lavishly illustrated in color. Techniques, too, are represented in color and lucidly explained. Most important, however, is the selection of ingredients: only those available in supermarkets and oriental food shops in the West are used.

From the dainty and delicate dishes that have garnered Japanese cuisine a worldwide reputation to the hearty barbecue and one-pot cornucopias of fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables-all are here at their edible best, charming and accessible, in a cookbook that is a feast for the eyes as well as the family.

Country of Origin: United States