Nenohi Nenox Carbon Fiber Handle Petty 5.9" (15cm)

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About Nenox S-Type
Nenohi applies the skills and techniques of traditional Japanese knife crafting to Western style knives, with great attention to detail in each step of the production process. Nenox knives are made with a confidential blend of high carbon stain resistant steel, which undergoes a sub-zero manufacturing process to ensure a durable edge. Much of the process is done by hand, and all of the knives are hand inspected before they are shipped. From the high carbon stainless blades to the ergonomic design and luxurious handle, these knives are a testament to quality. Nenohi’s Nenox knives are loved and admired by chefs worldwide.
About Carbon Fiber
Korin’s exclusive Nenox Carbon Fiber line incorporates the famous confidential blend of high carbon stain resistant steels undergoes a sub-zero manufacturing process to ensure a long edge retention. Nenox was attracted to the smooth, lightweight and strong qualities of the carbon fiber material, but due to various issues of cracking and inconsistency, they were unsuccessful until now. In recent years Japanese carbon fiber manufacturers have rapidly increased in quality. Nenohi formed a partnership with a carbon fiber maker that produces material for Japan’s space shuttles, to use the most consistent and flawless carbon fiber for their handles. After over 10 years of research and testing, Nenohi was finally able to perfect this sought after line.
Purpose of Petty
The petty is a convenient size for delicate work, cutting or peeling small vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Country of Origin: Japan

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