Korin Inox Orange Handle Child Knife

Size: 4.7" (120 mm)
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Style:Child's Knife

Steel Type: Stain-Resistant Steel

Steel Material: AUS-8


Saya Cover: Not Included

Knife Bevel: 50/50

Handle Material: POM (Polyacetal Resin)

Bolster Material:

HRC: 58

Knife Weight: 94 grams

Blade Width (Widest Part): 1.5 inches

Spine Width: 0.07 inches

Handle Length:3.75 inches


About Korin Child Knife 
Our newest addition to the family! The Korin Inox Child Knife is a greater for teaching children how to cook at an early age and develop their hand eye coordination. Making them more inclined to taste food they otherwise may not by getting them involved in the process. The Korin Child's knife features a rounded tip for safety and a small a durable POM handle. Unlike most knives made for children, these are made out of a high quality Japanese 8A steel with a 50/50 bevel that can be resharpened for long term use.
About Korin 
Drawing from a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, the collections at Korin showcase exceptional sharpness and time-tested durability. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality Japanese knives to your kitchen, so you can experience the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship in your home or restaurant.