Cutting Board Cleaning Shaver

SKU: TK-651
Size: 3.5”L x 2”W x 1.3”H
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  • Easy to grip shape
  • Can be used on rubber, wooden and plastic cutting boards.
How to use

  • Scrub the cutting board surface equally under running water
  • Remove the scrapped shavings by rinsing the board, then air dry the cutting board before use.

Maintenance and Caution

  • This product is very abrasive.
  • Do not use on anything other than cutting boards.
  • Deep cuts in the cutting board from knives may not be removed with this cleaning shaver.
  • If there are any concerns regarding scratches, test the product on the small patch on the cutting board.
  • Replace when any damages such as cracks or deep scratches develop from use.
  • Mold may develop after long use or left in damp environments.
  • For wooden cutting boards, clean and scrape with the wood grain.
  • Embossed plastic cutting boards will slowly lose effectiveness after prolonged use of this product.
  • To prevent cutting board shavings from scattering, use product under running water and rinse the cutting board.
  • Do not put in dishwashers or dryers.
  • Do not sterilize by boiling product or sterilizing chemicals.
  • Flammable. Do not leave near open flames.

Keep your cutting board both sanitary and beautiful with Korin’s Cutting Board Cleaning Shaver. This device will allow you to remove the top layers of your cutting board, whether it’s plastic, wood, or rubber, smoothing out damage from frequent use and resurfacing crevices that may harbor bacteria. Its easy grip shape is comfortable to hold, and regular resurfacing is certain to maximize your cutting board’s longevity and usefulness.

Country of Origin: Japan