Iron Charcoal Starter Pan with Handle 6"

Size: 6”Dia. x 2.8”H (w/ handle 13”L)
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  • Please only burn charcoal in well ventilated areas. All types burning charcoal will produce Carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning through this odorless gas is hazardous to one's health.
Our lightest and most economical tool for starting charcoal, kick-start your summer fun with Japanese grilling. Made with the home chef in mind, this charcoal starter is the perfect gift for the grilling enthusiast. Made of iron and enamel coating.

Larger charcoal starters are recommended for the high volume professional kitchen.

How to use:
1) Place piece of charcoal in starter pan. 
2) Place starter pan with the charcoal inside in direct fire (ie. stove).
3) Wait until charcoal is lit in a glowing red color.
4) Transfer the hot charcoal to konro.

Country of Origin: Japan