Korin Sena Chardonnay Glass (Set of 6)

Size: 2"Dia. x 8.25"H - 12.75 oz - 375 ml
Note: Price by Set of 6
1 - 3$39.95
4 +$35.9610%

The bold modern design of the Sena Chardonnay glass makes it an instant favorite. The chic curves of this glass are designed to maximize your enjoyment while highlighting the complex aromas of white wine. Extremely durable and dishwasher safe, these elegant glasses are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Commercial and Home Dishwasher Safe.
Korin Glassware Collection
Sena Glass Line & Claris Glass Line
Elegant break-resistant glasses exclusively sold at Korin

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Our elegant crystal wine glass collection is the result of the fusion between fine design and patented glass-crafting technology. Lead-free, our crystal glasses are highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking. While their appearance is thin and delicate, these glasses are far from fragile. Proven to maintain brightness and luster after 2000 cycles in the commercial dishwasher, Korin’s stemware has gained popularity in restaurants and homes for their fine quality and extreme durability.

With a refraction index comparable to that of titanium crystal, our glasses are thin and light. The high refraction index guarantees greater sparkle, which highlights the color and beauty of your wine. The brilliance, luster, and clarity of these glasses make them a beautiful choice for your restaurant or home, while delivering great value.

The use of titanium crystal is for durability. Korin's Sena & Claris glassware collection can withstand the oftentimes chaotic wear and tear of a busy food service.

Our glassware is available is two distinct collections. The Claris collection features an elegant, classic shape, while the Sena collection offers a chic, modern alternative. From wine, champagne, sake, scotch and mixed drinks, Korin’s strong and stylish glassware line has the perfect stemware for your needs.

- As seen on The New York Times: Wine Glasses, Nov 2018

Country of Origin: Thailand