Wasabi Grater Samekichi

SKU: TK-1396
Size: 10"L × 5"W


Introducing Stainless Steel Wasabi Grater, crafted in the globally renowned metalworking town of Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata Japan, where the company has been producing graters for over a century.
Samekichi grater, designed specifically for wasabi, features fine teeth comparable to sharkskin, allowing it to extract the full flavor of the wasabi. When grated with Samekichi, the wasabi transforms into a creamy texture, releasing a sharp sensation and distinctive aroma that enhances its natural flavor.
In addition to wasabi, Samekichi is suitable for finely grating other ingredients such as yam, garlic, ginger, and yuzu. Made of stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and prevents fibers from vegetables and other foods from sticking to the blade. Furthermore, it is effortless to clean with water after use, making maintenance a breeze.
Experience the authentic taste of wasabi and effortlessly prepare finely grated ingredients with Stainless Steel Wasabi Grater, a product of tradition, quality, and innovation.

Country of Origin: Japan