Top Samrice Jr. Semi-Automatic Sushi Ball Robot

SKU: RB-022
Size: 12"L x 19"W x 18"H
Note: After purchase customer service will contact you to confirm sushi mode size.
ETA: Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
Restock Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks

Manufacturer's Model Number


Electrical Rating

A Type: 115V
B Type: 220 - 240V

Power Consumption



13"L x 12.8"W x 18"H
(30W x 48D x 45H cm)

Body Weight

40 lbs / 18 kg

Maximum Capacity

6.6 lbs / 3 kg

Production Quantity

1600 balls/hour (50hz)
2000 balls/hour (60hz)

Sushi Ball Options

16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30g

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Manufacturer Warranty

One year standard warranty but does not cover damage cause by customer.

Top tabletop sushi robot makes individual pieces of sushi rice for high volume catering businesses, buffets, and take-out operations. Providing the speed and consistency necessary to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line, the sushi robot is an indispensable investment for restaurants looking to save labor and training costs. Delivering consistent, high quality results, this durable machine will save you time and money, providing the convenience and reliability to take your business to the next level.

How the number of grams in the selection mean for sushi balls.
For sushi balls roller 16, 18, and 20g:
For conveyor belt sushi restaurants that want to eat a lot of sushi, Japanese restaurants that want to eat dishes other than sushi, and restaurants that smaller sushi toppings. A smaller number of grams is suitable so that it will not be overpowered.

For sushi ball roller 20, 22 and 24g:
For packed sushi from supermarkets and take-out shops, a larger gram size is suitable to give a feeling of satisfaction.

For sushi ball roller 22, 24 and 26g:
Larger grams are suitable for all-you-can-eat restaurants so that your stomach will be filled quickly.

For sushi ball roller 30g (for inari sushi)
The size of the sushi ball that matches the size of the general nariage is good for appearance and texture.

Bale-shaped Roller for 30/40g (Bento)
By arranging rice in a bale shape. It looks better and improves luxury and cuteness. The machine can also handle the molding of mixed rice.
Freight for these items will be added later as they are shipped separately.

Country of Origin: Japan