Ever Hot Electric Sushi Rice Warmer (30 Cups)

SKU: TK-102-V-35
Size: 16.25"Dia. x 15.75"H - 30 Cups
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The Ever Hot Rice Warmer is a high-quality rice warmer perfect for use in any restaurant that serves sushi. Every sushi chef knows that it is essential for sushi rice to be kept at body temperature, and the most reliable way to achieve the perfect temperature is by using the Ever Hot Rice Warmer. Available in two sizes, the 20 cup version is aluminum and the 30 cup version is stainless steel. The Momi Fir wooden frame warms the rice while providing a humidity-controlled environment. The antibacterial properties of Momi Fir make it ideal for food service. The Ever Hot Rice Warmer includes one rice net and one wooden frame; however, we also carry nets, frames and bottoms which can be purchased separately. We recommend that you purchase a few extra nets so you always have a clean net ready for your next service.

100 voltage / 47 watts


Model Numbers30 cups : TK-102-V-35
Electricity Rating100V/47W
Temperature ControlIncludes one rice net and a wooden frame to bathe in water and warm the cooked rice from the outside in.
Temperature98.6*F / 37*C
Capacity30 cups
Features- Cedar wood frame and bottom absorbs any unwanted extra moisture.
- High quality rice warming system
Accessories- 1 rice net (Please only use the rice net specifically for the Ever Hot Rice Warmer)
- 1 cedar wood frame
- 1 cedar wood bottom
Recommended Accessories- Extra Ever Hot rice net
- Extra Ever Hot frame & bottom

30 cups : TK-102-V-35
Outside 16"dia. x 12"H
Inside 14.5"dia. x 8"H

Internal Container30 cups : Stainless Steel

Instructions & Manual found here

Replacement Parts:

  • Replacement Rice Net for Ever Hot Rice Warmers (TK-102-07-35)
    • Replacement Wooden Frame & Bottom Set for Ever Hot (TK-102-11-35)

    Country of Origin: Japan