Silk Fukusa Knife Bag

SKU: HA-BG-903
Size: Total: 28.25"L x 2.75" W (71cm) / Maximum knife fit length: 18.5" (47cm)


This gorgeous knife bag from Korin provides a sleek and stylish option for storing and carrying your favorite knives. The silk material is natural, durable, and extremely soft, helping to protect the blade and sheen of your knives without sacrificing visual appeal. The print features a vibrant geometric floral motif over a rich blue background, and the orange string for tying and securing the bag is at once both high-contrast and highly coordinated, demonstrating the item's thorough and thoughtful design. Affordable, beautiful, and pragmatic, this bag can hold one yanagi, takobiki, sakimaru takobiki, and kengata yanagi style knives up to 18.5" (300mm) in length.

Country of Origin: Japan