Smoke Wood Sticks : Apple

SKU: TK-634-02
Size: 11.5"L - 7.8 oz
1 - 49$6.95
50 +$6.2610%

  1. Remove shrink-wrap and paper.
  2. Burn one end of the stick.
  3. Once it begins to smoke, place in smoker.
  4. 1 Smoke wood stick will burn for roughly 4 hours in a smoker. May burn faster depending on type and smoking conditions.


  • To add more smoke, add more smoke sticks.
  • To extend smoking time, add and arrange smoke sticks in a V shape or box shape.
  • To cut down smoking time, cut the smoke stick shorter.
  • For quicker smoking, light both ends of the smoke wood stick.
Our smoke wood is made out of natural powdered tree bark that has been compressed into shape. Once the smoke wood stick is lit, it burns consistently and steadily like incense regardless of the temperature in the smoker. Users can control the amount of smoke and burning time by cutting the smoke wood sticks or combining 2 different ones. Because these smoke wood sticks do not need a constant heat source, they work perfectly for adding fragrance and cold smoking.

Korin carries an array of smoke wood sticks. The Apple Smoke Wood Stick gives off a light scented smoke, to add sweet and milk smoky apple wood flavor to any ingredient. The apple smoke wood stick is best for proteins with little flavor such as chicken or white fish.

Country of Origin: Japan