Kokugama Gray Reversible Rectangular Plate 14"

SKU: PLL-523
Size: 14”L x 3.25”W x 0.75”H
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe

The Kokugama Gray Reversible Rectangular Plate 14" is an elegant, long-serving plate that has two functional sides, making it useful in any professional kitchen. The top of the plate acts as a long serving platter, and the bottom turns into a rectangular semi-box to hold items in as well. The textured clay build, brushed-across white finish, and reversible use case make this a quality piece of tableware for many of your needs.

Purpose: Can be used as a plate or as a container to hold and serve other items on, with multi-functional ability.

Country of Origin: Japan