KORIN Waterproof Knife Roll Bag - 8 Knives Holder

Size: Closed: 20.5"L x 6.5"W / Open: 20.25"L x 19"W
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Korin's most popular 8 piece knife roll has been upgraded to suit the needs of a professional chef better. Still featuring the water proof quality and detachable straps, these rolls are now made with a sturdier nylon fabric, strong PVC netted compartments, and more adhesive velcro to withstand everyday use. We have also redesigned the inside after observing customers that bring in their knives for repair. The new rolls have deeper compartments so covered knives can be stored blade down or up, and the netted pockets start an inch away from the edge for additional protection for your knives. We hope that these practical improvements help keep your knives even safer.

Country of Origin: China