Charcoal Konro Grill with Net - Medium Wide

Free konro accessories kit will be included with purchase.
SKU: KON-109-35-46
Size: 18"L x 13.75"W x 8"H (46cm x 35cm x 20cm)
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Nothing tastes quite like charcoal grilled chicken skewers or yakitori. Now you can make delicious yakitori and other grilled dishes on your patio tabletop with this convenient Japanese style charcoal grill. Japanese charcoal (binchotan) tends to burn cleaner and hotter than the usual briquettes and can be used at the table, so no one misses the party or picnic tending to the grill. Makes food taste great!


  • Cooking net
  • Grill size for 3-5 persons

Compatible grilling net:

- As seen on Bon Appetit, November 2015

- As seen on Bon Appetit, October 2015

- As seen on The Wall Street Journal, June 2015

- As seen on Barbecue University, July 2014

- As seen on Saveur Magazine, June/July 2013

- As seen on Food Republic, May 2013

- As seen on Yahoo Holiday Gift Guide, December 2012

- As seen on Chef Walk, May 2012


  • Please only burn charcoal in well ventilated areas. All types burning charcoal will produce Carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning through this odorless gas is hazardous to one's health.
  • This product is made out of natural clay. After some time it may develop hairline fractures, but this will not effect the quality or usage.
  • Please use a wooden base under the grill to avoid damaging surfaces.