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Korin's New 2024 Tableware Show

Open Invitation for Chefs & Hospitality Professionals

Korin is proud to host three very special tableware producers from Japan to reveal their newest collections of 2024.
Visitors will have the unique opportunity to explore and enjoy distinctive and popular ceramics from leading Japanese pottery regions.
Our first showcase is by Mino Ware from the Gifu Prefecture.
Our second showcase is from the popular M-Style Collection.
Come visit us in our New York City showroom to see newest items from Japan, see details below and we hope to see you soon.
*Korin Showroom is closed on Fridays and Sundays

Mino Ware Collection: Saturday, May 25th to Thursday, May 30th

Mino Ware, also known as Mino-yaki, is a traditional Japanese pottery that originated in the Mino region of the Gifu Prefecture. As of 2017, Mino Ware ceramics accounted for an estimated 50% of the total production of ceramics produced in Japan. Mino ware is known for its wide variety in design and ceramic function, utilizing a 1,300-year-old history to guide the production of each piece. Styles included in Mino Ware ceramics include bowls, plates, and cups, all of which are characterized by unique glazes and designs. The rich history and beautiful design of Mino Ware make it a cherished part of Japanese culture and a symbol of Japanese craftsmanship on a global scale.

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M-Style Collection: Saturday, June 8th to Thursday June 13th

M. Style specializes in creating premium Japanese tableware for food professionals. Inspired by Japanese tradition and contemporary design principles, M. Style offers a diverse range of high-quality ceramic products for elevated dining experiences. As M. Style’s exclusive US distributor, Korin proudly offers this exquisite and highly sought-after collection. Offering chefs and restauranteurs high-level ceramic tableware, M. Style provides must-have pieces to all culinary professionals.

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Arita Collection: Monday, June 17th to Saturday, June 22nd

Arita-yaki, Imari-yaki, Karatsu-yaki, and Nabeshima-yaki collectively represent some of Japan's finest porcelain traditions. These ceramics originate from the Saga Prefecture in Japan and are celebrated for their rich history, expert craftsmanship, and diverse yet exquisite artistic styles. Arita-yaki is the oldest and is renowned for its high-quality materials and intricately painted designs. Imary-yaki, closely associated with Arita-yaki, boasts vibrant colors and elaborate decorations in a way that draws intrigue to the pieces made with this design philosophy. Karatsu-yaki exhibits rustic elegance, featuring natural glaze patterns and refined designs. Nebeshima-yaki, luxurious porcelain, is prized for its delicate blue-white glaze and graceful motifs. Together, these pottery styles embody Japan’s cultural heritage and artistic elegance.