Suisin Knives

Born into a family of knife craftsmen, Junro Aoki was anxious to step out of his father’s shadow and establish his own family brand. He resolved to apply his skills to craft a new kind of knife, and in 1990 Aoki’s determination paid off. He established the Knife System Company, where he merged traditional techniques and modern technology to create Suisin brand knives. Suisin knives are crafted from the heart. From the initial design to the finished product, knives are repeatedly put to test in professional kitchens before they are released to the public. These knives are the unique by-product of a collaboration between the craftsmen and chefs. Suisin craftsmen are constantly challenging themselves to find new ways to ensure long edge retention and easy maintenance. Their goal is to provide chefs worldwide with the quality and careful craftsmanship that will allow them the precision and control to effortlessly create beautiful food.