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Lost Knives From Keijiro Doi, A Legendary Knife Craftsman

Exhibiting for the first time in our NYC store, are lost Keijiro Koi knives. Stop by to see these masterpieces on display at Korin till March 31, 2022.

About Keijiro Doi
Keijiro Doi is a master artisan in traditional blacksmithing arts who entered the world of Sakai City's traditional knife forging at the age of 19. Determined to master his chosen art, Doi applied discipline and hard work to achieve the highest level of craftsmenship, perfecting his skill in the most challenging area of low temperature forging and producing the singularly sharp blades indispensable to professional chefs. In particular, Doi has received great praise from top caliber chefs throughout Japan for his masterful use of ao-niko or blue carbon steel #2, an especially high performance material that is extremely difficult to forge. Officially retired at the age of 85 in 2012, Mr. Doi is hailed as a master of his trait. Sadly, Keijiro Doi past away in 2017.

About The Knife Exhibition
The knives displayed at Korin's NYC store are part of Keijiro Doi's Hayate line and others special crafted knives. The styles ranges from yanagi, kengata yanagi, kiritsuke, deba and a couple of speciality styles. The Hayate knives are engraved with a number of the backside of the knife to indicate each unique piece. The knives exhibiting at Korin are numbered 00, 001 and 002. These knives were never up for sell at any point in its existance.

Where is Korin located?
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