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Kyo Black Footed Bowl
SKU: BWS-126
Size: 4.25"Dia. x 2"H - 5oz
Kyo Black Oval Bowl
SKU: SDS-218
Size: 3.75"Dia. x 1.75"H - 3oz
Kyo Black Round Plate (5"Dia.)
SKU: PLS-126
Size: 5"Dia. x 1.25"H
Akebono Tenmoku Black and Amber Rice Bowl
SKU: RCB-200543
Size: 5"Dia. x 2.4"H - 12oz
Akebono Tenmoku Bowl
SKU: BWS-200951
Size: 4.25"Dia. x 1.75"H - 8 oz
Akebono Tenmoku Black and Amber Plate
SKU: PLS-200940
Size: 6.5"Dia. x 0.8"H