Utage Ceramic Binchotan Charcoal

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Size: Approx 6"L x 1"Dia - 20 pieces per carton

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Size of binchotan is Approx 6"L x 1"Dia 
- By directly heating the specialized ceramic material, the infrared rays cook ingredients like real binchotan charcoal.
- Ceramic-tan is easy to maintain. After use, simply let it cool, then wash any oil or sauce with water.
- Can be reused several times.
- Conserve normal charcoal by mixing in the ceramic-tan to grill.
- Ceramic-tan does not generate heat on its own. Please use a gas grill or use normal heated charcoal to heat the product.
-Made in Japan
  • Allow the charcoal sit over a direct flame for 30 minutes to an hour. Korin recommends using a binchotan starter pan for convenience.
  • Fan the charcoal to heat faster.
  • Mix Sumi charcoal to sooner.


Please do not burn charcoal indoors, only in well ventilated areas. All types of burning charcoal will produce odorless Carbon Monoxide gas. For best result, keep in cool and dry environments. Damp charcoal may take longer to ignite and may be hazardous.