Iwatani Pro-Plus Gas Torch Burner CB-TC-Cj2

SKU: TK-110-07
Size: 7"L x 1.5"W x 3”H

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The Pro-Plus is Iwatani's latest and most innovative professional chef's torch. An upgrade version of TK-110-06, the Pro-Plus has all the features of the previous version as well as some additional upgrades.

The Pro-Plus has the ability to not have to turn the gas valve on and off after each use. With the TK-110-07, you can turn the gas valve on and no gas will be released until you physically pull the trigger. The flame will then go out when the trigger is released.
     Iwatani Pro-Plus Gas Torch Burner CB-TC-Cj2
     Culinary Professional use
  • Super high heat (2700°f/1500°c)
  • Hold button for continuous operation
  • Adjustable flame shape & strength
  • Easily attaches to Iwatani butane fuel
  • Anti-flare feature
  • Stabilizing stand keeps torch upright & stable.
  • Made in Japan