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Sugimoto Chinese Cleaver

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Size: 220 mm
Note: Style: Chinese Cleaver
Description: Sugimoto's Chinese cleaver is a handcrafted multi-purpose carbon steel knife and has a round easy to grip wooden handle. Sugimoto cutlery has been crafting knives since the 1930's and were the first to introduce Chinese cleavers to the Japanese market. The Sugimoto brand is known to produce some of the best Chinese cleavers in the world. Sugimoto Chinese cleavers have numbers etched onto the blades that refer to the thinness of the blade. The lower numbers have a finer edge, while the higher numbers have a thicker edge for more heavy duty work. Korin sells the #6 cleaver, which is popularly used for chopping vegetables and slicing meat ingredients because of its fine thin blade.

- As seen on Port Magazine, June 2012

Style: Cleaver
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Saya Cover: Not Included
Knife Bevel: 50/50

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For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Chinese cleaver is right and left handed user friendly.

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