Sharpening Stone Fixer - Pink

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Size: 6"L x 2"W x 1"H
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  1. Soak the stone fixer for 10 minutes and the medium/fine stone in water for the appropriate amount of time.
  2. Use the stone fixer on the stone's edges first to take off the corners/edges of the stone to avoid accidentally chipping knives.
  3. Start to sand off the top of the stone with a back-and-forth motion>
  4. Remove enough material to flatten the surface of the stone.
  5. If the stone fixer is used regularly after sharpening, it will take a shorter time to level the stone each time.
Why Stone Fixers are Important


Some water stones become concave with frequent use. A flat water stone is essential for sharpening. Use a stone fixer to flatten the stone before sharpening.

Benefits of this Stone Fixer

The stone fixers with ridges flattens stones faster, while the flat backside of the stone polishes the sharpening stones. 

- As seen on Gear Patrol: How to Sharpen a Knife, September 2017

Country of Origin: Japan