King Stone #6000 Grit Finishing Stone

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Size: 6.9" x 2.0" x 0.6"H

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About the Brand
King stones are made in Matsunaga, Osaka in Japan. They are one of the oldest and most well known companies in the United States.
Benefits of a #6,000 Grit Stone
The #6000 grit stone is the basic finishing stone for most knives. The #6000 grit stone will produce a finer edge, and is recommended as a finishing stone for harder steels.

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- As seen on Food & Wine: Knife Work, Jan 2019

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Wet all King fine stones before use.


  • Please do not soak finishing stones (#3000 and above). Soaking a finishing stone will result in the stone cracking and breaking.
  • Returning a stone into a box while still wet or damp will result in molding and decreasing quality.
  • For double sided stone, please only soak the medium stone side (#1000). Failure to do so will result in the stone splitting and or breaking.