Ishiyaki Grilling Stone 3.25"dia

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Size: 3.25"Dia x 0.75"H
Note: 8cm Ishiyaki stone

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Add a dramatic flair to your presentation by using our ishiyaki grilling stones to cook directly at the table. Heat ishiyaki stones on the stovetop, then transfer them to a heatproof base and amazing your guests with stunning presentation to guarantee a fun and memorable dining experience.

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  • Once heated, stones remain hot for 10-15 minutes.
  • Made with the man-made minerals Petalite (50-60%) and Cordierite (40-50%), the stones are designed to endure direct flame.
  • Please cool completely before washing.
  • Do not use detergent and do not soak the stone when cleaning.
  • Can withstand temperatures of 0°F - 1112°F (32°C - 600°C).