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Shiro-ko Mizu Honyaki Mirror Finished Fuji Yanagi



This elegant blade features Mt Fuji Hamon design forged into the blade. The highest level of craftsmanship in put into this knife. Honbazuke is done by master sharpener Mizuyama Shouzou in Sakai City. Korin's grand-master sharpener. Honyaki (“true-forged” in Japanese) knives are constructed out of one solid piece of carbon steel. Honyaki forged knives have the greatest edge retention of all traditional Japanese styles. During the forging process, the red-hot white steel  is cooled instantaneously using water. This results in a super sharp, more consistent and durable blade. Each knife is mirror finished, equipped with ebony handle and magnolia saya.
Purpose of Yanagi
The yanagi used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi and toppings for sushi. The graceful, thin blade cuts beautiful slices in one long, drawing stroke. Originated in Kansai (Osaka) region.

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