Togiharu PRO Salmon Sujihiki

Size: 8.2" (210 mm)
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Style:Salmon Sujihiki

Steel Type: Stain-Resistant Steel

Steel Material: 440 16Cr. Molybdenum


Saya Cover: Not Included

Knife Bevel: 50/50

Handle Material: POM (Polyacetal Resin)

Bolster Material:

HRC: 58 - 59

Knife Weight: 143 grams

Blade Width (Widest Part): 1.29 inches

Spine Width: 0.07 inches

Handle Length:4.5 inches

About Togiharu Pro
We are proud to announce Misono's very first collaboration with another brand! Although the material used is similar to the Misono 440, the edge retention of the Togiharu 440 falls between the Misono 440 and the UX10, due to how the Togiharu 440 is hand finished using a better steel than the Misono 440. We could not have been more honored to co-produce the Togiharu 440 with one of the most distinguished knife company, Misono.
About Togiharu 
Togiharu is Korin’s house brand and was created with the user in mind. The Togiharu brand was created for functionality and is Korin’s most affordable brand of knives. The brand name was derived from Grand Master sharpener Shouzou Mizuyama’s father’s sharpening store. Master Mizuyama’s father was a celebrated sharpener in his own right, having received recognition from the emperor for his traditional sharpening skills. Togiharu knives are produced by a highly respected knife maker in Japan who manufactures the top-name Japanese brands. The difference in the Togiharu lines lies in the quality control and hand-finishing aspects of production. These knives are inspected one-by-one for quality - they are not mass handled. The final edge finishing process is done by hand, ensuring unparalleled sharpness right out of the box. 
Purpose of Salmon Slicer
The Togiharu PRO Salmon Sujihiki knives are asymmetrically hollow grounded on both sides, which helps prevent ingredients from sticking. Korin recommends this sujihiki for cutting already cooked products.

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife is right and left handed user friendly.

General knife care tips and warnings

  • Never wash knives in the dishwasher
  • Stain-resistant knives are not stainless.
  • Improper care will result in rusting and chipping.
  • Please wipe knives dry after use to prevent rusting.
  • Western style knives sold at KORIN have significantly thinner blades than typical Western knives. Use of honing steels or sharpening machines may result in chipping.
  • We advice all customers to always use sharpening stones to sharpen or hone knives.

For more information, please check our pages on different types of sharpening stones or sharpening tips.