Togiharu Ao-ko Hongasumi Kengata Deba

About Togiharu Ao-Ko Hongasumi 
We are delighted to add the Ao-ko Hongasumi Kengata Deba to our collection of fine Togiharu knives. The blue steel and hongasumi construction offers the ideal balance of performance and convenience. This single sided knife is commonly used at fish markets and restaurants that process whole fish. Able to behead and fillet fish without tearing or otherwise compromising the integrity of the flesh, the deba is an essential item in preparing the freshest sushi.
Please note that while it can be used successfully on meat, the deba is not designed to be used as a traditional butcher’s knife. The deba was not constructed with the intention of chopping through bones of a large diameter, and should not be used in a slamming motion like a cleaver. For best results, please put pressure on the spine of the knife to achieve clean and precise cuts.

About Togiharu  
Togiharu is Korin’s house brand and was created with the user in mind. The Togiharu brand was created for functionality and is Korin’s most affordable brand of knives. The brand name was derived from Grand Master sharpener Shouzou Mizuyama’s father’s sharpening store. Master Mizuyama’s father was a celebrated sharpener in his own right, having received recognition from the emperor for his traditional sharpening skills. Togiharu knives are produced by a highly respected knife maker in Japan who manufactures the top name Japanese brands. The difference in the Togiharu lines lies in the quality control and hand finishing aspects of production. These knives are inspected one-by-one for quality - they are not mass handled. The final edge finishing process is done by hand, ensuring unparalleled sharpness right out of the box.

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