Masamoto Sohonten White #2 Honyaki Mirror Finished Yanagi

About Masamoto Shiro-ko Honyaki 本焼 • 玉白鋼誂
Masamoto Shiro-ko Honyaki knives are forged from a single piece of white carbon steel #1, adorned with a magnolia or ebony wood handle and a water buffalo horn bolster. White steel #1 is the purest form of carbon, making it the closet material to tamahagane steel, which was originally used to craft Japanese swords. Knives forged out of White steel #1 will have the sharpest edge achievable. Masamoto Sohonten’s honyaki knives represent the company’s long standing history and prestige in Japan. White carbon steel honyaki style knives can achieve the sharpest edge possible out of all traditional Japanese knives, but are incredibly difficult to forge and use. Korin only recommends honyaki knives to those very experienced with traditional Japanese knives.
About Masamoto
Minosuke Matsuzawa, the founder of the Masamoto Sohonten Company started making knives in 1866. It was his dream that his family would come to be remembered as knife craftsmen throughout the generations. Now, five generations later, Matsuzawa’s vision has been realized and professionally crafted Masamoto knives have become widely regarded as the finest knives made for professional use.
Purpose of Yanagi
Purpose of Yanagi
The yanagi used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi and toppings for sushi. The graceful, thin blade cuts beautiful slices in one long, drawing stroke. Originated in Kansai (Osaka) region.

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