Masamoto Sohonten Blue #2 Honyaki Mirror- Finish Usuba

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About Masamoto Ao-Ko Honyaki 玉青鋼誂鏡面仕上

Loved and admired by collectors, Masamoto’s highest quality yanagi knife is entirely handcrafted from a single piece of blue carbon steel #2. Each piece is embellished with an ebony handle and a water buffalo horn bolster. Honyaki knives made of blue steel are less brittle and have a longer edge retention.

About Masamoto
Minosuke Matsuzawa, the founder of the Masamoto Sohonten Company started making knives in 1866. It was his dream that his family would come to be remembered as knife craftsmen throughout the generations. Now, five generations later, Matsuzawa’s vision has been realized and professionally crafted Masamoto knives have become widely regarded as the finest knives made for professional use.

Purpose of Usuba
The usuba is a traditional Japanese style knife designed to cut vegetables. Japanese cuisine stresses the importance and beauty of seasonal ingredients, referred to as `shun.’ The literal translation of usuba is `thin blade.’ Without this incredibly sharp and thin blade, the knife would break down the cell walls of vegetables, causing ingredients to discolor and decrease in flavor. Originated in Kanto (Tokyo) region.

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