Korin Nickel Damascus Petty with Black Micarta Handle

Size: 5.9" (150 mm)
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Steel Type: Stain-Resistant Steel

Steel Material: V10 Nickel Stain Resistant

Classification: Damascus

Saya Cover: Not Included

Knife Bevel: 50/50

Handle Material: Black Paper Micarta

Bolster Material:

HRC: 60 - 61

Knife Weight: 91 grams

Blade Width (Widest Part): 1.2 inches

Spine Width: 0.06 inches

Handle Length:4 inches


About Korin Nickel Damascus 
The Korin Nickel Damascus Line is one of Korin’s new line of Japanese Damascus knives. The elegant blade is constructed out of 33 layered steel with a V-10 steel. This line has gained popularity for its beautiful design, hard steel, stain resistant qualities and long edge retention. The symmetrical 50:50 double edged blade is suitable for both right and left handed individuals. It’s unique Micarta handle design allows the user to fully grip the handle. It's wider blade profile puts more emphasis on the rocking motion. This unique blade profile is also great for users transitioning from European style knives to Japanese style knives. The beautiful Damascus pattern resembles the mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Damascus blades hold a reputation for having a long lasting edge retention and capable of being sharpened to a sharp, resilient edge.  
About Korin 
Drawing from a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, the collections at Korin showcase exceptional sharpness and time-tested durability. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality Japanese knives to your kitchen, so you can experience the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship in your home or restaurant.
Purpose of Petty 
The petty is a smaller chef knife that makes it a convenient size for peeling and other delicate work.