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Cream Polish for Mirror Finished Knives

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Our resident knife sharpener recommends this cream to be used to remove small specks of rust. The world's first water based mirror polishing cream will make any metal surface shine again. Because this cream is water based, there is no fear of a chemical reaction changing the color of the metal, and it is kind to the environment and on the hands. This can be used on any metal surface (Stainless metal, the metal on sinks, copper products).

Just dap a little cream on a soft piece of cloth and it is ready to use. This product will easily polish away any discoloration and make the metal product shine again. Simply wash the cream off the metal with water and soap once you're done polishing.

Due to the water base of this product, it may harden in the jar. It can still be used perfectly well if you take a damp cloth and rub the hardened cream to apply. This product is not fit for soft or porous items such as polyurethane foam.


This is not edible

If it gets in your eyes, please rinse out with water immediately

Please keep out of reach from children