Pirka Amber Wide Rimmed Glass Plate

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Size: 11"Dia. x 2.5"H - 44 oz

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The Pirka collection features a sleek gradient curves and irresistible combination of amber and cobalt blue make this a modern classic. The unique glass finish, called biidro, resembles lacquer and is handmade in Tsugaru, a city in northern Japan known for its artisan glass makers. These plates complement a variety of traditional and contemporary cuisines.

The pieces are shaped by spin molding. First, a lump of molten glass is gathered up into a metal mold that matches the size of the desired item, then spun out to the right proportions with a hand-controlled machine. The glassmakers carefully adjust the spinning speed, judging when and how much to increase or decrease the centrifugal force. Three artisans work at this in concert, each doing his or her part and together spinning out pieces at an amazing pace....
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Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe