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Bizen Black Spiral Shochu Dispenser

SKU: SAB-1017
Size: 5.25"Dia x 6.25"H - 44 oz

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Shochu dispensers are an indispensable tool to make shochu even more delicious. Leaving shochu to rest allows the water molecules in the shochu to blend further and lessen the alcoholic taste, making it milder. The shochu dispenser not only acts as a serving tool, but it also preserves the flavors while protecting it from heat or light as it rests.

The beautiful Bizen Black Spiral Shochu Dispenser holds 2.5L of Shochu or other types of alcoholic beverages. Simply pour the alcohol into the easy to clean container, place it on top of the dispenser stand, and it is ready to use. The contrast between the earthy tones of the container and the sleek structure of the Bizen Black Spiral dispenser brings a rustic, but elegant ambiance.